Comprehensive Medical Check Up
Examination of clients using latest technologies
Our healthcare plans are designed to fit the dynamic needs of our clients. We have Premium, Executive, Domestics, and Pre-Employment Healthcare Plans.

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Specialist Consultation
Evaluation and treatment of a range medical anomalies
Physicians who practice Specialty Care focus on specific health needs of patients. At Naveen Healthcare Centre, we provide services for In-patient referrals, and Out-patient clinic consultations.

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Health & Well-being
Resume your active and healthy lifestyle
Our healthy lifestyle and well-being content are to help you live a fuller life. We also provide advice, tips, referrals that are relevant to your well-being.

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Cardiology Services
Preventing and managing heart conditions
The Cardiology Services team is dedicated to the cardiovascular health of men and women. We provide comprehensive evaluation and coordinated care for adults with various heart, and heart-related illnesses, diseases, and conditions.

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Diagnostic & Medical Procedures
Medical and diagnostics tests after questions and exam
After the questions and exam, carefully selected tests help us give our patients quality care.

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Medical Evacuation
Timely and efficient movement with high level of care
In very simple terms Medical Evacuation is the movement of a patient to a better medical facility or hospital of choice. We provide a range of services from as simple as providing a referral to planning the entire evacuation process whether local or foreign.

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What is the objective of preventive health screenings?

Preventive health screenings are an affordable and effective way to identify hidden disease risk. Read full answer

Why should I have these screenings done if I have no symptoms?

Many people are at risk for diseases such as stroke and heart disease but experience no symptoms. Read full answer

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made by filling our appointment form or by calling a member of our experienced administration team. Read full answer

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Why choose our clinic? We put your needs first with our patient focused philosophy which respects the fact that your time is precious, and health is wealth.

Team of Professionals Our team is professionally supportive of each other’s efforts to meet our common goals of quality service.

Useful Resources We provide health and well-being content to help you know more about staying healthy.

Other Services We also offer consultation and private medical care services.

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