We’re making it easy and safe to talk to your primary or specialty health care provider from your home using Video and Audio calls on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

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Welcome to NAVEEN Online Services!

This platform can save you time at the doctor’s office or on the phone, by letting you manage your records, scheduling, and even conversations with your provider at your convenience from your computer or mobile device.

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Frequently asked Questions

To have full access to special services on the Portal you require Login details. To get Login details you will have to provide basic details and create a profile.

To register so that you would have a profile in order to access full features of the portal. you require the following:
  1. One time Autorisation PIN
  2. Valid Email Account
  3. Valid Phone Number

Here are some things you can do on the platform:
  1. View your health record
  2. Schedule appointments
  3. Request Prescription Renewals
  4. Pay Bills