Cardiology Services


Cardiology is the prevention, early detection and treatment of heart disease.

Cardiologists at Naveen work to prevent heart disease as well as to treat it. Your cardiologist may conduct a variety of cardiac tests to gain important information about your heart and circulation. For example, you may have an electrocardiogram (ECG) which records the electrical activity in your heart. This test can detect heart disorders related to abnormal heartbeat. You may also have an exercise tolerance test that involves walking or jogging on a treadmill. This test can detect heart disorders that could be missed while you are at rest. 24 hour ECG, which records the ECG over a whole day, while you are going about your normal day to day activities can also provide us with information the resting ECG cannot.

Another common test is an echocardiogram that takes pictures of your heart and allows us to see how the heart is functioning. There are no side effects or pain involved. This test can provide a wealth of information about the four chambers of your heart, problems with your heart valves and the strength of your heart muscle. These and other noninvasive diagnostic ultrasound procedures are performed at our facility. After the problem has been diagnosed your cardiologist will develop a treatment plan and work with you to manage your ongoing healthcare needs. Whether this includes medication, lifestyle changes or surgery, your cardiologist will be a primary member of your healthcare team.

We also have a cardiology retainership plan that covers your cardiology services for the whole year

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